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Some sketches I did the other day in photoshop. I had always loved the story Moby Dick (but had never read it, weird) then tried to read it and got about a third of the way (it was good but the language was a bit too different for me). I really loved the character Queequeeg, who is an islander turned harpooner, and a great one at that. So anyways, these sketches happened.

Working on some humanoid animal designs, inspired by the creative genius that is Ann Cross!
Another day, another exercise! This was fun using Zues’ hand as a secondary light source, I’ve got to get more creative with my lighting..

I saw on Tyson Murphy’s blog he was doing studies like this, and I thought they looked great! I wanted to try, and while they aren’t as in depth as his they are a lot of fun! I’ve been warming up with them in the mornings.

On a drive through Morgan territory in the East Bay, I imagined these beasts lumbering everywhere.
Definitely in a comic book/fan art mood lately
Messin around with style
Sheldon the bearded dragon, Max the cat and Annie the astronaut. Space explorers extraordinaire.
Man raised by jaguars